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Fixed Price

Contact the consultancy solicitor and solicitor-advocate for high quality advice at a fixed price. A fixed price means that although you pay a fix price up front, regardless of the amount of work, there will be no additional charges. This would put your mind at ease as we will not ask for any more money regardless of how many times you contact us or how much work we have carried out. [Note: where costs have become unreasonable or the matter has gone to appeal, we will notify you and will come to some other arrangements with you. All clients benefit from the fixed price. All our clients receive a lot more hours of work than they actually pay for. We will normally honour this fixed price and carry it until the end for that fixed price. However if say the fixed price is based on ten hours of work and more than 50 hours of work has been carried out, we will then write to you to let you know. In most cases our clients normally get double the amount of hourly work from the fixed price as opposed to hourly charges.]

With a fixed price, you can concentrate on the problem at hand instead of worrying about how much more it will cost. Without a fixed price, every e mail, every telephone call, every letter received or written, every fax sent will be charged. Do not forget the attendances, preparation and even time spent on the telephone.

Please e-mail us: or call now: 01270 811617 - for a unique and personal approach to legal services from a solicitor-advocate with over thirty years of experience.




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