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Marriage Visa

Marriage Mr Gibbs and his wife were successfully reunited with the help of Mr Green, after her visa was refused. You can read an article about the case here: BBC News

Entry Clearance on the basis of marriage (including Gay Couples)

Mr Green [hereinafter referred to a “The principal”] is familiar with this aspect of the law like the back of the palm of his hands having lectured on this nationally and having dealt with it day in and day out.

The rules are not as straightforward as it would appear and many fall victim by not understanding the full definition of the rules supplemented by IDIs and ADIs. Failure to fully understand the significance of the rules has caused many applications to be refused at British Embassies globally. This leads to the expensive and stressful exercise of Hearings. Note that once there has been a refusal, future applications are no longer straightforward. The previous applications and any points of refusal will be revisited and taken into consideration. They are never ignored.

Mr Green has been approved by three national bodies for carrying out immigration, asylum and nationality work for approximately 20 years to a senior level.* He is also an approved supervisor.

To succeed, you are required to demonstrate your financial position such as ability to sponsor and support, adequate accommodation, intention to live permanently etc, and that you are married and parties to the marriage have met. This application will normally lead to a 30 month visa (33 if overseas) generally. A further extension of 30 months must be sought before any application for settlement can be considered.

How do you prove it? We step in at this juncture. We will take you on a clear and simple step-by-step guide to take out the stress and ensure that the Entry Clearance Officer [now Immigration Officer] knows your position and intentions inside and out.

In certain circumstances, we may even skip this step and proceed straight to a settlement visa or application for British nationality.

Do not marry if your are not ready to get married. Refer at this point to our Fiancé Visa Section. Do not be forced into getting married by advisers if you are not ready to get married yet!

*Immigration and Asylum accreditation scheme: A) Solicitors Regulation Authority independent regulatory body of the Law Society of England and Wales. B)Office of the Immigration Services Commission. C) Legal Services Commission.








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