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Other Categories

We also handle other categories too numerous to mention.
We set out the above categories, however this list is far from exhaustive!

  • Domestic helpers
  • Businessmen, innovators, investors, entreprenure
  • Returning resident, parent of a child at school
  • Private medical treatment-visitor
  • Student nurse, postgraduate doctor, dentist
  • Student, resits of exams, writing up a thesis
  • Au pair
  • Working holidaymaker
  • Highly skilled migrant
  • Sole representative, retired person of independent means
  • Long residence concessions
  • Overseas government employee, uk ancestry
  • Children
  • Most of these [except EU] cases are now incorporated in Tiers 1 to 5 of the Immigration Rules. If your case does not fall into any of these tiers, do not worry, there are numerous categories which are outside the rules which we have had experience in dealing with since 1987.





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