Immigration Advice with a difference-the non nonsense approach



  • Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Court Civil Proceedings) since 2003.
  • Nominated for the National Law Society Immigration Seat twice- this seat is to represent the views of all Immigration solicitors nationally within the Law Society as an elected national representative.
  • History as an Advocate for lawyers nationally and internationally e.g. Firm of Barristers in Pakistan
  • Ran cases to High Court [Queens Bench Division] and Court of Appeal as Higher Court Advocate most of which eventually succeeded.
  • On more than one occasion, commended by judges for candour and thoroughness of presentation in the most difficult of cases.
  • In-depth discussions with Senior Judges: Immigration Lawyer since 2000 representing clients at all levels of the appellate process including the High Court & Court of Appeal. Frequently conducted cases when novel points of European and/or domestic and/or human rights law have arisen.
  • Ability in other areas of law and ability to think fast.
  • Community Governor for 12 years- sitting on most appeal panels- e.g. Behavioural Appeal Panel, Exclusion Panel, Staff Grievance Panel and Selection Panel.
  • As part of role as community Governor now for 12 years, sat on and Chaired Appeal Panels adjudicating on exclusion and behavioural issues.

Ability to understand and deal fairly:

  • Having been brought up in a multi cultural society, able to speak three languages; Malaysian to A levels standard, spoken Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien.
  • Community Governor; sits on appeal panels e.g. Pupil Exclusion Appeal Panel, Staff Grievance Appeal Panel and Pupil Behaviour Appeal Panel.
  • As county court advocate for 18 years; represented all communities in all walks of life- family law hearing and Intellectual Property Law dealing with character copyright, councillors- personal injury cases and Government Departments. People from all social backgrounds.
  • Present work included acting for members of the Church of England in Human Rights Law.
  • Upbringing and course of life commensurate with understanding and ability to relate to various different races, cultures and religion in a multi cultural society, hence ability to understand different races, cultures and religion and to be sensitive to their needs

Authority and communication skills

  • Speaker for BPP Professional Development/ Education from 2004 running first series of comprehensive Nationality, Human Rights, Immigration and Asylum Lectures nationally – the first under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme. Attended by members of the Legal Services Commission, barristers and senior solicitors- demands a broad knowledge of Nationality, Immigration, Asylum, EU and Legal Aid [LHPA] Law
  • Governor on various appeal panels (see supra).
  • Since 2000, ran and managed Immigration Department with 20 caseworkers and one practice manager as head of Department. [2000-2007]- see supra.
  • As advocate dealing with a good degree of advocacy. Ability to speed-read, picking out relevant information, making notes and highlighting important points.
  • Organised and founded the University of Keele Kung Fu Club [affiliated to the National Athletic Unions].
  • Founder and president of the club 1987-1989.
  • Presented with full Merits Colours Award by the University in 1989 for service and achievement..

Efficiency and learning

  • Founded Immigration Department in 2000 and by 2001, supervised & managed 20 caseworkers, 1     office junior and 1 receptionist. Duties of each with responsibilities depending on particular skills, providing training in house & externally and delegation of work to each case worker e.g. private and/or legal help cases and/or complex cases.
  • Full member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association based on merit.



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