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Visitors Visa

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It is best to be sure than to take your chances by travelling, landing at Heathrow airport or Manchester airport only to find that you are detained for questioning and then sent on the next flight back home. Wasted journeys are not only expensive but can disrupt plans.

The Immigration Rules generally require certain people from certain countries to apply for a visa. There are obviously those from the European Union who presently do not require a visa.

This may change post Brexit.

It is always best to apply for Entry Clearance when you are unsure or uncertain whether or not you will be granted a Visa on entry. Even if you are from a destination which does not require an Entry Clearance Visa, you may still have to apply for a visa.

What a stressful and expensive experience to be required to return, all because you have not satisfied the Immigration Officer of certain matters or elements within a matter!

We are here to help and to support you by guiding you and by assisting you to express you intentions better within the Immigration Rules and the legal framework which we are familiar with.

For your complete peace of mind, we can agree a fixed fee for you. We are a low overheads solicitor's practice, we do not charge the earth.

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