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Work Permit

This is now set out under the points system.
Many employers fear the registration process, which may seem complicated. Not so for us. We are here to make the transition for you as smooth and painless as possible.
Our overheads are reduced and the rates we provide will be inexpensive for the five star services from an experienced advocate. So you think you cannot afford an experienced solicitor and solicitor advocate. You’d be surprised. Not anymore. One of the few firms who can afford to give you cheap rates and experienced senior solicitor all at the same time. Because our overheads are low, our costs will be affordable.

Employing illegal immigrations could land employers in a lot of trouble, a hefty fine at best or even imprisonment. It is not difficult to get it all sorted out legally and properly.

For Employees: we understand the points based system. If you are a doctor, trainee GP, nurse, artist, religious leader, minister of religion, chefs or other professionals, come and see us to get your problems sorted out. Packing up and returning in the midst of injustice is the wrong approach. What about your children? Half-way through their education? What about your business which you painstakingly set up? What about your surgery, the people who work under you, who look up to you, respects and trust you? There is hope and may be within the ambit of the Immigration Rules.

All these are subject to the points system. My blunt advice – Do not mess around with the Points System.




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